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VIP Productions works with some of the best acts touring in Canada today!
From unbelievable illusionists to remarkable tribute artists, our acts share a wide audience appeal and are guaranteed to provide fantastic family entertainment!

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Daylin James was voted the Canadian National and International Elvis Tribute Artist Grand champion by the Jordanaires, D.J. Fontana, and Donna Presley Early, this is the man that covers all eras of Elvis' life. The man with all the looks of Elvis. Daylin has the ability to change his vocal tones to match each era of the Kings career.

With moves that will shake you and a style so close to the king, and a sense of humor very much like Elvis' own, James Burton told Daylin, "Elvis would be proud of your representation of him". Daylin has toured with such award winning shows as Las Vegas’s ‘Legends In Concert”, “Stars in Concert”, “Superstars Live” to name a few. Some engagements go extended to keep Daylin in the lineup.

Ken McCreedy has been active in the Art of Magic since the early seventies.

With his unique blend of sleight of hand, comedy, grand illusion and audience participation, he has entertained and amazed literally thousands of people world wide. Whether it is on Television or on the stage in the United States, Bahamas, Bermuda, Japan or Canada, this dynamic performer always leaves the audience asking for more.

Ken is an award-winning magician and has also created magic and stage illusions for some of today's most contemporary performers. His creations have appeared in the International Brotherhood of Magicians' Magazine as well as Japanese and French periodicals.

Paul Royter is without question one of the greatest Stage Hypnotists in the world today. His renowned hypnotic comedy shows have been astounding audiences all over the globe for more than 30 years. 

From the moment he walks  onto the stage he never fails to electrify even the most sophisticated of audiences. The show always has them rolling in the aisles with laughter.

The show is packed with excitement and is enjoyed by people from all age groups and all walks of life.  It's filled with high energy and side splitting humour throughout the entire performance.  Seniors and children alike will be laughing hysterically as the show unfolds before their eyes.

Illusionist Sam Pearce has entertained thousands of families across Canada with his highly-interactive, hilarious and unbelievavlbe magic!

Sam's stars in a high-energy theatre show featuring sensational grand illusion and sleight of hand, combined with dangerous juggling and hilarious audience participation.

Audiences will be entertained by the thrilling illusions created specifically for Sam’s show and dazzled by the Las Vegas atmosphere, including high-tech lighting, sound, video and special effects.

Ray Anderson is a performer, creator, and a teacher of magic, based out of  Ontario, Canada. He has travelled throughout North America performing this Art.  Since relocating in 1995 from New Brunswick, Canada, to Ontario, Canada, he has become one of North America’s most demanded magicians.

In a private hospitality suite with a deck of cards in hand, or on stage in front of six thousand people performing a grand illusion, he is right at home, making people cheer and shake their head in wonder!

You will find him amazing and unforgettable, but above all, entertaining.

Richard Cole - Stage Hypnotist

As she sits, relaxed, comfortable, carefree, staring aimlessly at the bright lights, a handsome man walks over and gently touches her shoulder. He whispers softly in her ear. "Your whole body is now made of rubber." With a strange sense of acceptance she nods affirmatively. He grasps her nose and begins to pull. Instead of feeling pain, she feels a sense of wonder and intrigue as she "watches" her nose stretch from her face to over 10 feet away. Bewilderment! Her head moves left to right as her outstretched nose also moves. Her head reels back as her nose snaps back into place.
Laughter erupts!! It can't be real? Yet it is!!"

Al Greenwood - Red Skeleton Tribute

Al Greenwood's tribute performance is reminiscent of that simpler time, when comedy was suitable for all members of the family to enjoy together. He uses his unique talent to warm hearts, relive fond memories and like Red, laugh at himself. Comedy skits and bits from Red's brilliant career unfold before your eyes, you will be laughing uncontrollably. Since Al's first appearance as Red, in April 2005, he has captivated audiences large and small with his likeability, facial expressions, voice and comic timing.

Fizzlepop The Clown is the creation of Al Greenwood and he has been entertaining crowds of all ages for over 20 years.

Al's career began in Ottawa as a hobby. Four years later with the formation of Capit-Al Clowns it became his full time professional passion. Combining his clowning experiences with Teaching Theatrical Performance and Clowning rounds out a complete professional career.

The unique character Fizzlepop is adored by thousands. His quick wit, hilarious facial expressions, comical voice and snappy appearance are the reasons for the many bookings and return engagements.

The illusions of Edward Stone were born long before he produced a dove or disappeared. Edward Stone started his Magic career at the age of 10. It was then he met the famous Canadian Magician Doug Henning, his fate was sealed. By the age of 12, Edward was performing for corporate functions, private events, and Restaurants. It was the passion of a child and the belief that magic was real that drove this young illusionist to the entertainer he is today. 

Whether cutting a woman in two, producing Exotic Birds from nowhere, or defying the laws of gravity, The illusions of Edward Stone leaves the audiences scratching their heads in wonder. Edward Stone continues to WOW people with his Magic and Illusions throughout Canada and the United States.



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